Have Spoons, Will Travel!

We are well on our way…
but not without the occasional business call!

John had a short business trip to Louisville, KY this week and invited me to tag along!  I guess he thought I needed to get out of Fort Wayne and he was right!  These are just a few pictures that I took along the way.

Welcome To Kentucky

The ride was pretty harsh in the Ford Transit Connect van we had to take.  I took along my cushion from my wheelchair to help pad my behind.  I felt pretty confident not bringing my wheelchair.  The trip was timed perfect, the day I had to change my Fentanyl patch!

Fort Wayne to Louisville is about a 4-5 hour drive.  I’m pretty sure it took us on the long side of 5 hours.  We made several stops along the way so I could get out and stretch, get some air and of course visit many public restrooms!  Oh and of course, get my favorite…fountain sodas!!

John booked us a room at The Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville.  The hotel was far beyond my expectations!  Muhammad Ali stayed here when he visited Louisville and the suite he stayed in is actually named after him.

Again, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly.  We didn’t try the hotel restaurant, The English Grill, but we will have to make a point to try it out next time.  It is supposed to be the best in Louisville.  That’s pretty impressive for a hotel!

The Brown Hotel
The staff was the best here!! Beyond helpful!

John was VERY thoughtful and chose a hotel with the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept on!  Seriously, this thing was comparable to my mattress at home that has a 4″ memory foam pad on it!  He also always asks for extra pillows for me whenever we travel.  Awe!

I couldn’t resist a classic mirror shot in the room.
Again, the beds were fantabulous!! Definitely recommended for any spoonies out there!
This is a better picture of the room
The lobby of The Brown
Lobby Bar - Brown Hotel
The Lobby Bar
The Brown Hotel
Mr. Brown himself with his beloved poodle. This is just outside the hotel where they have tables set up so you can take a load off or have your morning coffee, which is what I did.

John is great at a lot of things, but taking pictures is not one of them!  I really wanted to get a picture as we were walking up to Fourth Street Live and he wanted to get me in the picture.  As you can tell, I don’t like my picture being taken.

Fourth Street Live is a remarkable place with lots of people, even on a Monday night.  The football game must’ve brought everyone out.  I would probably not survive an evening here on a weekend!  I hear it is packed!!

Not sure what happened here…but headed to dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant on Fourth Street in Louisville.

Finally arrive at dinner after walking around for awhile.  I was so very glad to sit down at this point!  Thank God we sat in a very cushy booth! Even though The Brown is only a few blocks from Fourth Street, I was exhausted by the time we decided on a restaurant.  I had a Strawberry Soda with dinner.  It is made with house-made vodka, fresh strawberries and mint.  I almost fell out of the booth when leaving, too bad there wasn’t a picture of that!

Gordon Biersch on Fourth Street Live!
Inside at Gordon Biersch, this is the pub area
This is the brewing area at Gordon Biersch.
Pretty cool that they brew their own beer on site.
I’m not one for beer so I had the Strawberry Soda,
made with their house-made vodka!

I had to get a picture of Fourth Street at night!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  There weren’t a lot of people outside, they were all smart and stayed inside in the air-conditioning!  At this point, I was really looking forward to the comfy bed back at the hotel but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kick back, listen to some music and grab a few drinks…I’m glad we did!!

4th st live
Fourth Street Live at Night!

Our next stop after dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant, was Howl At The Moon.

We almost didn’t stop in for drinks, as I mentioned earlier, I was pretty tired and really starting to hurt at this point.  I couldn’t help it, I had to go in after hearing the music coming from this place.  It was definitely one of the most unique bars I have ever been to!  That’s not really impressive since I haven’t been to a lot of bars or pubs, but you know what I mean.

This place is known for their dueling pianos but they also have pretty versatile musicians that not only sing and play the piano but also play multiple instruments, from drums to bass to harmonica.

The female singer that night was phenomenal!!!  She not only had “the perfect” voice and could sing anything but she played piano, bass and drums!  They played everything from Lady Gaga to Billy Joel.  Their motto here is…you say it, they play it!  I still have their version of Piano Man in my head! LOL

Just outside Howl At The Moon on Fourth Street Live
howl-at-the-moon (2)
The dueling pianos!
They had lots of musicians – bass, guitar, drums..
It was awesome!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…for a few bucks, the musicians will also write whatever you want on the mirrors behind the pianos.  That was fun and it changed often!

The next day, waiting outside the hotel waiting for John to get back from his business meeting.  The trip was a huge success, both in business and pleasure!  John had a great meeting and I survived a night out in Louisville!  Why is it the trip home never seems as long as the trip there!?  The ride home was brutal but luckily didn’t seem to take as long.

I had to try Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea.
It was pretty refreshing actually!

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