Continuing To Fight…

I keep trying to get on here and write and it obviously hasn’t been working out. This is my third day of barely being able to get out of bed or off the couch. At least I think it’s only been 3 days, hopefully hasn’t been more than that!

If I’m up for more than 10 minutes, I have to lay back down. It just sucks and makes me feel useless. I know I’m not really useless but the guilt of not being able to contribute anything is almost as bad as the pain and fatigue itself!

I don’t know how I’m going to exercise to try to regain some strength, if it’s literally taking everything out of me to walk to the bathroom! I really want to try some aquatic therapy at first and maybe move up to Tai Chi!

Hoping for better days to come! Hoping to find the strength to fight back! Hoping for a shower!

I know three days isn’t a long time but these past few days I literally cannot be up longer than it takes me to walk to the bathroom and back or I get so sick and weak I’m afraid I’ll fall again. My back starts to spasm and my hips and knees give out. But I think the worst is the pain in my legs. The muscles just hurt so bad, it’s hard for me to describe.

I can usually bounce back at least one day during a string of bad days to get a few things done! That gives me hope, to feel like I can still do some things. This time I feel so weighted down, so weak before even getting up…clinging to any hope I can muster!

I also truly hope my next blog will have some good news! I may have lost this round but I’m still in the fight.



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