My New Raw Vegan Lifestyle

I have been trying to improve my health and reduce my pain by switching to a raw vegan lifestyle.  Most vegans become vegans because they don’t believe in eating meat and believe that the way animals raised and killed is inhumane.  They have others reasons too I’m sure, but I am not one of those people.  I believe that becoming a raw vegan will improve my overall health and hopefully reduce the amount of pain I am in every day.

I have been making this change for the past two weeks and it has been very difficult for me!  Anyone who knows me knows I have a ginormous sweet tooth!  I love my Diet Dr Pepper and anything sweet!  I used to put at least 8 Splenda and some flavored creamer in my coffee every morning!  I even got a “you’re kidding right” look at Starbucks a few times. LOL

Now I primarily drink water…LOTS of water, juice and smoothies.  I think I could mostly live off of smoothies, they are pretty darn good.  I can still have things like brown rice and quinoa, but mostly my diet consists of fruits and vegetables.  I’m still learning new recipes and different ways to substitute the foods I love….mostly pasta….man, do I miss pasta!


The difference between being vegan and vegetarian is a vegetarian can still eat dairy, eggs, etc.  Vegans not only don’t eat meat but also don’t eat any animal byproduct or anything processed using animal byproduct.  An example, when making wine, they use animal product in the process…so it’s no longer on the table.  I won’t tell you what animal product is used and how, I wouldn’t want to spoil wine for everyone!  Add in the fact that I am trying to become “raw vegan” and the limitations grow!  The “raw” part of being raw vegan means no artificial additives or preservatives, really just a cleaner way of eating.  This really limits the things I can eat.  Take salad dressing for example, it’s hard to find any dressing that doesn’t have preservatives or doesn’t have some kind of animal byproduct in it.  Raw vegan also means not cooking your veggies.  I am not totally sold on this one yet, so I have had some cooked vegetables.  I’ll have to do some more reading on that!

This journey over the past two weeks has been not only difficult but very interesting.  I have noticed that I am starting to feel a little better.  I have a little more energy and I definitely think my mood has improved.  I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my pain levels but I am still hopeful that will come in time.  The past few days I have had enough energy to try catching up on some much-needed cleaning.  We have also been looking at a car for my youngest daughter, which has meant a lot of driving to check them out.  I’ve just been more active overall really but I need to learn to take it slower, last night I hit a wall and ended up sleeping several hours in the afternoon.  This morning’s pain is at an all time high but I am trying to push through it a little at a time and not let this set back keep me down.  Little progress is still progress!


2 thoughts on “My New Raw Vegan Lifestyle

  1. My son saw a PITA video when he was 11 and became a Vegan for almost 6 years. He was dedicated and did it. As a mother I was concerned about vitamins and nutrients for a growing boy. He now eats meat and dairy sometimes, but at 23 now, he is a very healthy eater. Funny though at 20 he was diagnosed with an AI, Ankylosing Spondylitis. I wonder if the vegan diet helped him stave off a lot of the symptoms when he was younger. Good luck on your journey. I have been pretty successful working on a “no processed food” diet. I can go without most dairy, but I need cheese. I love cheese. love love love it.


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