Just Keep Swimming!

About three weeks ago, I started a Raw Vegan lifestyle. I say lifestyle because it’s much more than just a diet. This is how I plan to continue eating for the rest of my life! I have read many articles, several studies and watched even more videos saying how a Raw Vegan lifestyle is supposed to reduce pain and stiffness in people with Fibromyalgia. I have been searching for something I could do on my own at home to help improve the quality of my life and I finally think I’ve found it.
The first week I didn’t notice much of a difference in my pain levels but I wasn’t about to quit so soon. I had moments of serious temptation, especially when the family ordered pizza or grilled out! After week two, I noticed a significant difference in my mood! This was an unexpected but pleasant surpise! I also noticed I was moving around a little easier as well…awesome!
A few days into week three, I developed a pain in my leg that felt almost like a burning cramp. It started in my right bum cheek and ran all the way to my ankle. The pain was worse around the back of my knee and in my calf. The next day the somewhat annoying pain had transformed into a pain I could only compare to child birth! It was horrible! I would try to stand up and the pain would shoot off the charts, where I could barely put weight on my leg. I was in excruciating pain and contemplating a trip to the ER when I noticed as long as I didn’t move it around much or walk on it, the pain became bearable. It was still there and pretty intense, but I didn’t want to saw my own leg off anymore.
So at the end of week three, I am now 99% of the time, in my wheelchair. I had hoped by this time I would be walking around better and able to do more. Instead, because of what I believe to be sciatica pain from a herniated disc, I am stuck in this wheelchair! So frustrating! But, I haven’t given up on my Raw Vegan lifestyle! I actually don’t even want sodas or “regular” food anymore. I am looking into getting a juicer now as well! I mean water is great, but who doesn’t love fresh juice you made yourself? I am also hoping to start a garden next year. It’s probably a little to late in the season to start one now. I might have to buy a few tomato plants for containers and maybe start a few herbs as well!
So, even with this pretty significant set back, I’m still pretty optimistic this will be a great thing for me.
If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me directly at tinamariemiller@outlook.com.

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