Simple Mistakes = Lost Spoons and Lots of Pain

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No matter how routine things become, inevitably, mistakes happen.  For someone with a chronic illness, those mistakes can come at a high price.

I have an alarm set on my phone 2 hours before I plan on getting up so I can take my meds.  I keep my medications in an organizer that allows me to set it up for the whole week.  This organizer also allows me to take each day’s meds out, so at night I just pop the next day out and put it on my night stand with my water bottle.  In the morning, I roll over, take my meds and lay back down to wait for them to do their thing so I can actually have a chance of getting out of bed.

Well, yesterday morning I must’ve had brain fog more than usual because I accidentally took my bedtime meds instead of my morning meds.  I didn’t realize my mistake until later in the day, so a few hours later when I was still having difficulty moving, I chalked it up to the flare I am currently in.  Eventually, around 9am, I forced myself out of bed and made it to the couch with the help of my walker.  This would take a normal person about 30 seconds, yesterday, it took me more than 5 minutes!  I was also more fatigued than usual and still couldn’t understand why my medications were not helping with the pain.  I fell asleep on the couch but wasn’t actually able to rest, the pain kept waking me up.  At 11:30am I decided to take my noon pills early in hopes that they would help me feel a little better.  That is when I noticed the morning pills were still there and the bedtime meds were gone.  Well, that explained it!!  I had a double whammy, the effects of missing my morning Oxycontin and I took something to help me sleep.  I was so mad at myself I could have screamed!  Because my Oxycontin is a controlled release tablet, I knew I had to wait until 6pm to take it or it would mess up my entire schedule.  I had hoped by 8pm last night I would have started feeling better, but I actually continued to feel worse.  I had horrible pains in my legs and back and could do nothing but lay on the couch with my heating pads and hope that morning brought some relief.

When I woke up this morning, I was very careful to take my morning meds and not my bedtime meds. LOL  After almost 2 hours, I was actually able to move without the horrible pain that plagued me last night.  I cautiously used my walker to get out of bed and put weight on my legs.  Sweet success!!  Sure, I still had pain but not the kind that had me wanting to chop my legs off at the waist!

When you live with a chronic illness, there are so many things that we have to be mindful of…our medications is just one of those things!


3 thoughts on “Simple Mistakes = Lost Spoons and Lots of Pain

  1. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and have yet to meet anybody else with mctd. I was initially put on hydoxiquloriquine (excuse the spelling) and aziothioprine but after many flares I was at the end of my rope and eventually put on methotrexate injections. What gets me really down is not being able to speak to anybody who knows how I feel, chronic fatigue and 24/7 pain.


  2. I have done this a number of times too. The difference is that I usually do not make it out of bed that day!


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