Sick Humor

Wow!  Has it really been two months since I posted!?  How time flies when you’re in pain!

Although I may have slacked on writing, you guys definitely haven’t slacked when it comes to reading my blog!  It amazes me that I still have readers!  You guys are so amazing and loyal!  The thing that keeps me writing is all the feedback I get.  It’s so comforting knowing that there are others out there that know exactly what you’re going though.  It’s so difficult dealing with everything that comes with living with a chronic illness or “limited spoons”, no one wants to feel like they’re alone in this.

During my journey with chronic illness and pain, one of THE most important things I think I’ve learned is you have to maintain a sense of humor or you can easily find yourself wallowing in self pity. I like to call it “sick humor”…get it?  Ok, ok…it’s lame but makes me chuckle!


I do the best I can to see the lighter side of being sick but will admit, there are times I still find myself in a fetal position at the bottom of the pit called “woe is me”.  You can see what I mean by reading some of my past rants, I mean posts, past posts.  Once I am able to let it all out, I get up, wipe away the tears and tell my body to “bring it on”…I am ready to get on with life again!  There are times we just have to get it out, let go of all the frustration and anger and give ourselves a minute to grieve for everything that we’ve lost.  Don’t make the mistake of staying there too long…get it out and get on with it!

As I mentioned earlier, a good sense of humor can be your saving grace!  It’s not always easy but being able to find humor amidst all the pain and frustrating crap we deal with on a daily basis is, in my opinion, truly necessary.  One area I needed a lot of improvement in finding humor, or at least not taking things so seriously, was during doctor’s appointments and medical procedures.  I used to get so upset and frustrated with medical office staff.  They always seem to mess up appointments or there are discrepancies over charges or they simply just don’t give me any information regarding procedures, test results, etc.  I was so bad, John started telling me to “be nice to the doctor and his staff” the mornings of my appointments.  I’m sure I was labeled a “problem patient” in my chart!  Hopefully, now they don’t cringe when I walk in.  I finally decided I needed to look at my appointments differently.  It’s actually as simple as that…shifting how you view things.  I now go into the office thinking how can I make someone smile instead of what’s going to go wrong today?  I also use the “two week rule” if something does go wrong.  It’s simply where I ask myself, am I really going to care about this in two weeks?  If not, is it worth getting upset about now?

Sometimes “brain fog” can offer up moments of humor.  I recently asked others in my chronic pain support group, what are some of your funniest brain fog moments?  For some reason or another, we seem to like misplacing items like keys and phones in the fridge!  On the flip side, we also put things that belong in the fridge in the cupboard at times.  I have put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge!  What is that all about?  Instead of getting mad that the milk spoiled or your phone has to “defrost” before you can use it again…just try to see it for what it is, a silly mistake.  The last time I checked, we’re all human and no one is perfect!  Try not take being sick so seriously.  Yes, there are times that we need to be serious, like when considering new treatments, medications, etc. but if you can shift your perspective a little each day and be willing to see the lighter side of it all, you will find you’re sometimes able to enjoy this life you’ve been given.


7 thoughts on “Sick Humor

  1. My chronic pain comes from a couple of different dx’s, one of them being pustular psoriasis. At some point, I started taking pics of them (to show my dermatologist when I saw him next). I used to think they were disgusting, but then I started drawing lines between them like the astrological signs in the stars. I made people, a couple of “dirty” pics and just started having some fun with them. It made my doc laugh too. What else can you do when faced with something both painful and ugly? You make fun of it – with it.


  2. I know, some of those brain fog moments aren’t very funny at all. It can be scary, especially when driving! I have learned that my brain fog tends to be worse in the late afternoon, so I definitely avoid driving after about 5 pm.


  3. I’m so glad you were able to turn it around today!
    I used to feel like I was failing if I started feeling sorry for myself or just didn’t have it in me to be “strong” that day…but I know I’m far from being weak and I am just human. I’m allowed to have a few weak moments, maybe even just feel sorry for myself occasionally. As long as I can pick myself back up, I’m doing good!


  4. I love reading your blog just because it always reminds me that I am not alone and I am as normal as I can be. You always make me smile and laugh…we both have the same type if humor. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  5. Thanks for your post.
    My brain fog moments these days have been a bit scary (running a red light and noticing a half km a away…) but I’m sure they will provide humour for me years from now!


  6. Thank you for this post. I really needed this today. I’m usually the upbeat one, the one everyone comes to with their problems, the one that never tells anyone how bad it can be somedays. Today is one of those days where self-pity is… wait! WAS winning hands down until I read your post which happened to come just as I sat down to check my e-mail.


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