Apologies, Excuses and Ramblings

So I am sitting here once again in front of my laptop with my coffee (also with my phone opened to Pokémon Go, only level 3 currently) beating myself up for not posting more regularly.  I know as a semi-well-rounded woman in her 40’s that I have every right to be pissed off at myself.  That is what makes it worse.  You know when you brow beat yourself knowing that you had way too high of expectations to begin with, that you shouldn’t be mad at yourself, but yet you’re kicking your own ass anyway?  Yeah, well this isn’t one of those times.

Then of course comes the excuses…I need quiet to be able to focus on writing (no, I really do)!  Quiet in my house is a joke!  Even if I’m home alone, my little darling Shih Tzu thinks that it his sole purpose in life to bark at anything that moves!  Then you have the flares…I have had so many flares lately, I should be fucking glowing bright red and sat along side the road!  I used to love summer but now I just dread it.  I live for spring and fall…those are the only two seasons that somewhat give me a break.  Sometimes winter if I don’t venture outside for weeks at a time – which I have done!

Bella & Bear

Going back to my Shih Tzu for a minute, he thinks he is this big furious bear (which he is appropriately named Bear) but the minute you light off a firework, you’d think he was going to have a heart attack!  He shivers and pants and won’t leave my side or my lap for anything!  If I do have to leave the house, I have to have one of the kids watch him so he doesn’t die while I’m gone.  He also freaks out if you have a certain ringtone or clip your nails or run the vacuum, but fireworks are really the only thing that makes him shake and pant.  So for the week leading up to the 4th of July and the week after, I am pretty busy holding a Shih Tzu like a baby – forget about writing!

We also have Bella our bulldog, but nothing gets to her except getting a bath.  She really doesn’t enjoy those at all!  And food, if there is food around, she will whine until you give her some.  It’s quite comical actually, that is until she’s been doing it for a half an hour.  She’s quite persistent!  Here’s a little video of her doing just that… Bella Being A Big Baby

Then of course, we have the kids who are always coming and going.  Between the two of us, John and I have 5 kids – all from previous relationships/marriages.  We are one boy shy of a Brady Bunch!  He has a daughter who is 24 and a son who is 19.  I have two daughters, 22 and 19 and a son who is 17.  The three youngest live at home with us full-time, so we have two 19-year-olds and a 17-year-old coming and going every day.  That’s enough to make your head spin, but I love it – most of the time!

TOP LEFT: Connor & Cameron (John & my sons)  MIDDLE LEFT: Courtney & Cameron (My youngest daughter & son)  BOTTOM LEFT: Becky & Courtney (My oldest & youngest daughter)  TOP RIGHT: Austin & Samantha (John’s son & her boyfriend)  BOTTOM RIGHT: Becky & Zack (My oldest daughter & her boyfriend)

So as you can see, even though I can’t work anymore…there is hardly a dull moment around here.  This isn’t even including the reptile collection that we have that require attention daily.  Yep, we have snakes and reptiles too!  I’ll have to post about them another time.  I am getting a bit drained from trying to get this out today – because I promised myself I would!  So, hopefully you can all forgive me and continue to hang out and look for more random posts from me.  Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, stalk me online, whatever you have to do – so when I kick myself in the butt again, you don’t miss it!



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