Well my lovelies…my prayer has been answered!  Not that prayer, I still have autoimmune diseases – the one about wanting to move!! 

I am so incredibly happy we have found a house after just a few weeks of searching.  Of course, I have been looking much longer than John has, I have been looking at houses for months actually.  He just caught up to my house hunting about six weeks ago and I was astounded by how quickly we were able to find a house we both love!  Finding it was pretty easy, we went to the open house just 3 days after it went on the market.  We typically would go to a few open houses on Sunday afternoons anyway.  Actually getting it was an entirely different ordeal.  There were multiple offers, but in the end, our offer got us this pretty piece of real estate.

House Front Best Pic
Front of the house, coming in the driveway


We were thinking of going smaller since we currently live in a 2,200 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Reason being, the kids are moving out one by one and our youngest, who is 17 years old is the only one left at home.  So we really didn’t see the need for 4 bedrooms anymore.

Obviously, you can tell by the pictures, we didn’t get a smaller house, it is 3,300 square feet.  We did end up losing a bedroom but got an additional 2 half baths and an entire full finished basement.  We also went from a half-acre lot to 2.7 acres with woods…in the city!!  That’s crazy and amazing!  All that is missing is a lake!  Just kidding…kind of…I don’t think they’d let us dig that big of a “pond”, would they?

House Garage and Bushes.png
Side-loading garage with an extra parking pad off to the right.  That room next to the garage there has a door leading to a walk-in attic above the garage.  That will be nice to store holiday decorations and cushions for outdoor seating in the winter.


As you can tell, I am extremely excited!  I cannot wait to put our own touches and personal stamp on it by changing a few things over time but this place is truly a dream come true for us.  The finishes are builder grade type quality, but the bones and feel of the house are amazing and you couldn’t ask for a better location, land or layout – and that is what truly matters!

I’m sure over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more pictures and writing about our “adventure” of trying to move all of our stuff that we’ve accumulated over the past decade.  Also, trying to move with our two dogs and all of our reptiles and snakes (bet you forgot about all those little guys didn’t you?).  I’ve moved quite a bit in my 44 years here on earth, so I am hoping it goes fairly smoothly but I’ve never had to move while dealing with a chronic illness or chronic pain.  Let me tell you, packing up all of our crap is already taking it’s toll.  So this should be interesting…stay tuned!  Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out…


5 thoughts on “WE ARE MOVING!!

  1. We did get a few quotes from movers, both for packing and just moving our boxes. Just moving a 4 bedroom, 2,200 sq ft house (estimate, without quoting or weighing things) was $3,500.00!!

    For some, that may be worth it…but I know of other places I would like to use that money. We are having the entire interior of our current home professionally re-painted and mostly re-floored to be put on the market. If we didn’t have those expenses, I would have definitely considered it.
    I am including movers in my “spoonie hacks for moving” post though.


  2. There is a company, “Address our mess” that will come in and do your sorting, packing and loading fr=or you. They’re in a lot of states or similar type companies. They seem a little pricey until you realize what the really do for yu…which is everything. You just point and direct.

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  3. Yes, Tina, “tips and tricks” would be extremely helpful! 👍🏻👍🏻 😄
    Being so excited must give you an extra nudge of energy, although I know that you’ll rest when your body says STOP. 🚷

    We live in Wyoming, and our daughter/son-in-law just bought a home in Ogden, UT–soooo, we’re gonna leave our wonderful state to settle close to them. Their jobs are in the Salt Lake area. We’ve always been “mountain/open spaces” oriented–so my husband and I are hoping to find a place in the foothills or mountains around Ogden. Gosh, a photocopy of your new home would be wonderful! (But not as many square feet–too much dust accumulation… 😉)

    I’m headed to Cleveland Clinic the last week of September, and from there, fly straight to Ogden for several days to visit and check out some real estate. Gotta be near hiking trails for me and my “other kids”–you know, the furry kind. 🐾🐾 Phew, I’m gonna be wiped out when I get home–but I’ll think of you and all that you’re accomplishing, which will remind me to be strong.

    Take care–

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  4. Thank you so much Jan!
    Your words truly mean a lot to me.

    I have started the countdown and “unofficially” we have 19 days until we move! The old house is also being remodeled for selling, new carpet, paint, some cabinets, light fixtures, etc…all while trying to pack. It’s exhausting but exiting at the same time. I will most definitely keep you guys updated and post pictures. I have lots of before of the new house, still need to take some before of the old house and go from there for the rest of the posts.

    I will be making a post – Moving As A Spoonie – Tips & Tricks – or something along those lines. I have learned a lot already by making a few mistakes and wishing I had done a few things differently. It’s not easy, but it can be done…so get excited and get moving!!


  5. Congrats!!!!! What an absolutely beautiful home!!!!! I look forward to hearing about every aspect of your move: good, bad, and ugly.

    We plan on moving within the next year, and with MCTD, heart and lung disease, ETC, ETC, it all sounds/seems pretty daunting, although it’s what we want to do!

    I wish you ALL the best and am so happy for your joy. Please post when you have the energy. Your writings are appreciated by many of us.


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